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  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Unlimited Data
  • Bring Your Number With You
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Why Choose Us

We offer a custom solutions to meet your needs for how you can pay for the services. We can have our onboarding specialist work with you to find the best program and workflow that fits your needs.

Employer Discount
We can work with you to create a competitive employee discount program to fit your needs. Let your employees use FSA card with Caring Wireless
Wage Parity
We work with many of the leading wage parity providers to integrate a seemless workflow so the headache is off of you.
Are you looking for an employee retention or recruitment program to help spend your FMAP money on? We can streamline a program that fits your needs.

Dedicated Company Webpage

We offer custom webpages for each company that signs up!

Branded with your logo as well as your own discount signup code and rules that fit your companies plan for how you offer the services.

Less work, more flow

Automated Payments

We integrate directly with your wage parity company. Paying from the company? We can set you up with automated payment on your credit card.

Keep Plans

Employees can stay on Caring Wireless even when they stop working for you. No need to transfer them off. We remove them from your bill and we start billing the customers directly.

Port Personal Numbers

Employees can bring personal numbers to Caring Wireless at no charge!

Excellent Customer Service

We provide hassle free customer service to your employees so you don't have to.

Excellent Service

Give a premium feel to your employees with a non-premium price.

No Contracts

You read that right! No Contracts with Caring Wireless. Ever.

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