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  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Unlimited Data
  • Bring Your Number With You
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Less work, more flow

Automated Payments

Keep your credit card on file for automated hassle free payments.

Keep Plans

Getting discount through your company? You can stay on Caring Wireless even if you switch employers. No need to transfer off!

Port Personal Numbers

You can bring your current phone number to Caring Wireless at no charge!

Bring Your Family With You

Sign up your friends & family on Caring Wireless for the same great pricing.

Excellent Service

Proudly offering T-Mobile service, one of the top rated phone carriers in the nation.

No Contracts

You read that right! No Contracts with Caring Wireless. Ever.

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Free or Discounted Cell Phone Plan

Rockaway Home Care is proud to offer discounts through Caring Wireless. Work an average of 10 hours per week, and you can qualify for a free phone plan through Rockaway Home Care. If you do not work enough hours, no problem! Rockaway will discount your plan based on how many hours you work. You can pay the remainder amount with a credit card automatically. Plan is $40 per month.

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Why Choose Us

We offer a custom solutions to meet your needs for how you can pay for the services. We can have our onboarding specialist work with you to find the best program and workflow that fits your needs.

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Easy Bill Pay
Our convenient bill pay is so easy. Just enter your credit card when you sign up and forget it.
Superior Call Quality
T-Mobile is one of the leading cell carriers in the nation. With crystal clear call quality and high speed data in the palm of your hand.
Bring Your Own Phone
Bring your favorite handset at no cost to you. We will ship you a SIM card, just plug and play in any unlocked GSM phone.
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